papa with three daughters
midwestern roots
aka ichigen (one source)
former zen monk
body therapist Structural Integrator                 subtle communicator         tissue whisperer
biodynamic craniosacral therapist            Sourcepoint Therapy Student                                   track coach (volunteer)
exposed nerve


Always active in sports and naturally athletic, something had never felt right in my body.  It culminated in an unexplainable injury after college in which my body just seized up.  I went to a Rolfer in Missoula, Montana and was intrigued.  It helped me, but I still just felt horrible in my body.  Someone told me I had to do internal energy work to really work out the issues.   Always interested in Buddhism, I found a Zen monastery on Whidbey Island.  At some point the Roshi (Zen Master) came from Japan to lead a retreat.  Here was someone who would help me to do my internal energy work.

I went with him to Sogenji monastery, in Okayama, Japan, and stayed several years.  There, I not only healed from the inside out, but my perception of reality completely shifted.  I came back looking for a medium to express this healing and way of being, and finally found Structural Integration®
.  I chose this because it is a very real way to help people reconnect with themselves.  I bring my unique energetic approach to this work which involves deep communication.


I  am currently located in Langley, Washington with my wife and three daughters.  I teach a meditation class and work with individual clients doing Structural Integration and Craniosacral work and other energetic explorations.  My goal is to share a bit of the freedom I found on my path.

I am available for workshops.  Please email me for information.

For more of my story, please send me an e-mail.

Thanks and Enjoy!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jim Oschman says:

    The most profound may be the most simple.

    1. cohess2013 says:

      Jim Oschman! Wow! Thank you for your work! I love it and learn from it!

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